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The Best Christmas Present For Your Special Someone

In Christmas, Thoughts on August 13, 2009 at 3:07 am

The Yuletide is fast approaching. If you have waited for the very last minute during the previous year to go cramming on gift shops, picking up random things unthoughtfully, and ending up giving the wrong package to the wrong person, then you probably have some catching up to do.

Sufficient planning is the key. But planning for the right gift for everyone is such a dirty work. It’s very hard finding the perfect match. How much more trouble could it be looking for the best present you will give your special someone? You might want to ask yourself the following while shopping for that best gift for your loved one.

Is this romantic?

The more effort you have given to come up with your gift, the greater will be the appreciation you will receive. For a gift to be expensive usually don’t give much value to it. What matters is the thought and the feeling that comes with the package.

Be creative! Who says you’re only allowed to give one gift to him/her? Try cooking him/her a breakfast in the morning with three flowers beside his/her plate before he/she wakes up, prepare for a picnic for noon, and bake a birthday cake in the evening.

Reciprocate the gifts he/she has given you previously. If he has showered you with flowers, chocolates and stuffed toys, then why not give him the same. If she has given you a new pair of jeans, a jacket, or a tie, then try giving her a dress. Surely, you will be remembered for doing such.

Does he/she want this?

Most people will find a gift more valuable if it’s something they really wanted or needed. You might want to think of the things your partner is most passionate about. If she’s into reading romantic books, then give her the book she wanted but has never read before. If he’s into gadgets, then buy him a portable music player.

Is this unique?

It’s a rule never to give the same gift you have given him/her the previous year. Prevent from giving the traditional gifts. But if you have no choice or you have already bought her/him one, then couple that with another.

Does this say what I wanted to say to him/her?

A simple card with all the messages your heart desires him/her to know will be very good. Else, give him/her a bracelet with a simple note telling him/her how special he/she is.

Go ask another person close to him/her. If he/she has a best friend, ask him/her. Team up with his /her parents. They might know things you don’t. Involve them with the gift if you like. You might want to ask them to give your shower of gifts at specified time of the day or as they meet him/her. Then give the best of all your gifts at Christmas time!

Christmas presents don’t necessarily have to be expensive. They don’t even have to be material things (perhaps I’ll be talking more about this on Christmas). As long as you couple your gift with gestures of love everyday, then the message will be sent. By the way, don’t forget to tell him/her those three words!

  1. Haha! Are you sure you made this? Talking about someone special? Just kidding. I certainly agree that presents don’t need to be expensive. True love is not measured by the gifts given to us. I can recall one song when I was still young with lines that say “wrappers are not the gifts”. Even though if the gift is not wrapped, it’s just fine. 🙂

    The last sentence in your article says “Don’t forget to tell him/her those three words.” You just can’t simply explain the feeling when you hear from your boy/girl that he/she loves you than simply assuming the she/he does.

  2. Yeah! Though actions speak louder than words, still everyone needs reminding. As Mr. Cullen had put it, “say it, say it out loud!”

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