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Facing the Giants, er, Dwarves

In Technology, Thoughts on August 13, 2009 at 9:48 pm

We often focus on overcoming or protecting ourselves from the giants lurking around us, those are, the huge challenges that impede us on our tracks. Some people worry themselves on how to escape drowning from their debts. Others spend much of their time formulating the greatest plan to deal with their bossy bosses. Making a list of these giants in our lives will require infinity.

But there are small things, we tend to forget. And they come smaller and smaller each time. We fail to notice that most of us are facing the wrath of the light-weight, and portable gadgets of ours.

We live at a time when technology is very rich, useful, and engaging. We use it to replicate and augment reality, and also create virtual reality. This, itself, is not bad at all. An astronaut can simulate the outer space environment and practice whatever the things he needs to do in a real outer space. In our case, a virtual assistant can work with his client without the need to be geographically beside him.

We also use technology for easier communication and for a more organized way of living. We use our mobile phones to communicate with our loved ones who are far from us. We also use our PDA’s to keep us updated and organized with our meetings. We also have our laptops with us to keep our documents neatly piled and be easier to work with.

I don’t deny these benefits that we derive from our present technology. What I am trying to emphasize is the way we make use of these advance gadgets. Some of us most likely don’t notice it, but are already addicted.

A professor of Northampton University, who conducted a research about how widespread technology addiction is, found that one-third of the 360 study subjects became addicted. He said:

You would be surprised how many people had their PDA or Blackberry next to their bed heads

Prof Kakabadse, Northampton University

These things are developed to help us have an easier and more convenient way of life. They are not created to replace reality and our loved ones.

It’s not only the big ones we should be watching out. We also need to be warned with these cute and cuddly dwarves that can potentially harm us.


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