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Falling Short

In Thoughts on August 25, 2009 at 10:00 pm

We know that steam is produced by heating water at a hundred degree Celcius. But what if we try to heat it one degree lesser? Do you think we can produce steam, steam that is used to move trains, to sterilize, and to produce electrical power? Theoretically, no. And this is because the heat we have subjected the water into is a degree short.

Secondly, we also know that even if a car is in a perfect working order and even if its tank is full of gasoline, still nothing can happen if the battery doesn’t lend a little spark to start the whole process going. The car won’t move a bit. And this is simply because of a non-existent spark.


And thirdly, we also know that most of the sailing ships use anchors to steady themselves on rough seas or during a storm, and that these anchors are connected to the ship by a large chain. But what if one of the links within the chain is substandard? What do you think might happen when the anchor is lowered down for the very first time or when a storm comes? Surely, the chain will be broken and the anchor will be left to rust under the sea, and the ship be washed away by the waves. And this is because of a single weak link within the chain.

A degree short, a non-existent spark, a weak link. Isn’t it very bothersome and dismaying to fail just because of a very minute thing that has gone wrong? There are lots of little things we take for granted that could have made our performance in school, in work, and in our families a whole lot better. Rethink.

  1. yeah right… life’s really full of surprises… and they come in small packages. I love this article… a good example of inductive approach. keep it up.

  2. Thanks, sir joven! Glad you liked it.

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