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A New Year’s Resolution

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2010 at 12:08 am

Aside from the usual New Year greetings, perhaps this is one of the most abused phrases we have heard as the year 2010 arrives. According to Wikipedia, New Year’s Resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. Er… maybe most of us know everything there is about this, so what the heck? But wait. There’s something more to it.

Okay. So maybe most of us have adapted this. We have done it this year, last year, the year before it and even the years forget-me-not. We read about how to best choose the things we need to improve on. We have applied what we read and have decided what to commit changing for those years. We’ve started progress on our goals, but unfortunately, we have failed. We committed again the following New Year, but again we failed. Perhaps we may be able to say that we’ve made failures even more than could ever blog about. Just joking!

So what could have possibly caused this failure, or are New Year’s Resolutions nothing but pointless pandemic tradition? Why keep on making commitments or writing a long list of goals if you will just fail in the end?

The Resolution

If you are one of those people fond of New Year’s Resolutions but keep on failing, then maybe there’s something you’re missing. As for me, the better New Year’s Resolution for you is not to commit to any at all, not anymore. You’re just keeping a list of all your failures! Now, don’t get me wrong there.

I mean why wait for the next year — the new year to come — before you make any commitments to improve on something especially on yourself, on your habits, and on your lifestyle. Life should be lived and improved constantly and continuously up until the end and should not be segmented and stunted to specific time frames.

Yes, setting of goals involves time frames, and goals without time frames are merely dreams or ambitions. But these goals should be coupled with implementation, and most importantly evaluation and re-evaluation. This is the part where most stumble upon. Self evaluation or introspection should be done not only in the beginning when deciding for the goals to commit to. It is most importantly done throughout the whole process.

Evaluation and re-evaluation is the fuel that keeps you going towards your goals. When you evaluate and re-evaluate yourself, you will be enlightened of the things that cause a step or a leap forward, and most especially of the things that keep you pinned on the track, things that give you a step backward, or things that direct you to a different track. Knowing these things will help you set sub-goals within your major goals. You may set sub-sub goals to remove the things blocking your way, restitute the things you left out when you fall behind the track, or create things that will help you get back on the track.

You must evaluate yourself not on where you currently are in contrast with where you intend to go. Instead, you must evaluate yourself against where you were at before you began the implementation of your goals. Honestly think of how you have improved or how you are better than when you started. These, together with setting sub-goals, will prevent you from being discouraged. These will help you to push through especially during the difficult phases of the process.

And lastly, you must do all of these things with pure intent and desire of really improving yourself. Who are you fooling in setting up goals which you don’t intend to or you don’t have the determination to achieve? No one but you. People like good people. People love even better the people who strive to be better than how they currently are. People hate hypocrites. Stop fooling yourself. You’re not impressing anyone. Prove that those list of goals are not just empty words.

Just do it. And do it continuously.


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